Our team

We have a small, but complementary team with long-term expertise and experience in the pension and investment management industry.

In addition, we work with pension experts from our partners in the Dutch insurance and pension industry.

Gerard Bergsma

CEO & Co-founder

  • Pensions and investment management expert, 40+ years experience
  • Board member PFZW and PCN
  • Independent investment advisor

Marijn Bergsma

CCO, Director People's Pension Rwanda

  • Member of the EBAN impact investment committee
  • 8 years emerging market investment & business development
  • Former investment manager at Enviu

Samuel Waterberg

CEO & Co-founder People's Pension Trust Ghana

  • GM of award winning Ghanaian health care startup
  • 5+ years SME Banking with Rabobank
  • GNBCC board member

Willianne van der Weijde

Corporate Secretary

Our partners

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